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On December 5th, some of our group attended a Christmas party hosted by our U. S. Congressional Representative, Jackie Walorski. She gave a wonderful optimistic speech. Pictured here are, Terry Hartman, Linda Hartman, Jackie, Amy Rainey, and Stephan Gray.

JW party.jpg

Photo from Goshen's "First Friday" event on December 3rd. This is Goshen Concerned Citizen's favorite Santa, Robert Waldusky with Linda Hartman on Main Street. Folks from our group passed out chocolate snow men, with information about our group. Participating were Rob Roeder, Phillip Crawford, Lori Arnold, Janet Waldusky. Many thanks to Jenna Crawford for spending so much time putting the packets together. There were other Santas around town, but ours was the only one who prayed with some people!


Here are a few photos from the last Goshen Concerned Citizens meeting on November 13, 2021. At left is Rob Roeder, tackling the agenda. In the middle is Sandy Zane, discussing how citizens can file notices and affidavits to force public officials to comply. On the right is Adam Bujalski, a member of the Elkhart County Council, who spoke about the function of county government.

Below left are Lori Arnold, Linda and Terry Hartman attending an event with speaker Dr. Dan Stock held in Mishawaka on November 5, 2021. Dr. Stock addressed COVID 19 misinformation, and COVID 19 mandates. At right is Lori Arnold with her Golden GCC mic talking with Indiana State Representative, Jake Teshka.

Below are a video and photographs taken at the anti-mandate rally on the steps of the Indiana state capital building on November 16, 2021. Among the speakers were state representatives John Jacobs, Curt Nisely; attorney general Todd Rokita, and other leaders and pastors.

Excited Crowd

Attorney General Todd Rokita

State Representative Curt Nisly

Attorney General Todd Rokita 

and GCC member Robert Waldusky

State Representative John Jacobs

Attorney General Todd Rokita

State Representative John Jacobs and GCC member Robert Waldusky

A firey pastoral prayer for our state and country

Immediately following the anti-mandate rally at the Indianapolis statehouse, a leadership luncheon was held across the street. This event was organized by Terry Wood and Brad Skiles co-founders of Indiana Patriots Alliance.

State Representatives Curt Nisly and John Jacobs great men of God

Rhonda Miller President of Purple for Parents Indiana

State Representatives John Jacobs and Curt Nisly surrounded by praying Christians

A "Don't Mandate on Me!" rally was held Saturday, November 20th, at the Elkhart County Courthouse in Goshen. Speakers were inspiring, and powerful!

Local radio personality Casey Hindrickson

A Hungarian legal immigrant tells what it's like to live under communism

The crowd contained a number of GCC  members, including Marcus South 

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski addresses the crowd

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